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PhD Certificates and Self-certifications


Those who are enrolled in a PhD programme or have obtained a PhD title may self-certify their enrolment status or possession of their title. It is possible to print online a self-certification of enrolment for those who are enrolled, and of completion of their PhD for those who have obtained their degree. To obtain the self-certification you are interested in, you must:
- Connect to Esse3 (www.esse3.unimore.it);
- Log in with your access credentials (username and password) received at the time of enrolment or with SPID credentials.
- Once logged in, select "certificates" from the side menu. Choose the type of form available, the forms now available in English are: self-certification of enrolment, self-certification of qualification obtained. If you need to self-certify other information about your career, you can use a generic self-certification form.


Certificates are usually issued with revenue stamp: € 16.00 for each certificate required plus an additional €16.00 revenue stamp for the request).

How to request a certificate

Certificates may be requested by sending the request form via e-mail to the PhD Office.

The Office will generate a PagoPA pay slip for a total amount of € 32.00 in Esse3 (€ 16 for stamp duty and € 16 for the request) and inform the interested subject with information on the means of payment.

All certificates issued in English have a revenue stamp, usually with digital stamp and signature (hand-written stamp and signature upon request) and may be sent by e-mail.

Further information

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