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          Disabilities and specif c learn-

          ing disorders

          Unimore's  commitment  to  promot-  take advantage of various types of
          ing the inclusion of students with   benef ts that enable them to fully re-  WELCOME OFFICE
          disabilities and Specif c Learning   alise their right to study:         FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABIL-
          Disorders (SLD) is continuous and   • benef ts intended for the totality   ITIES AND SPECIFIC LEARNING
          systematic and is achieved through   of students and granted in relation   DISORDERS
          a set of customised actions that tend   to the possession of merit require-
          to respond positively to the special   ments and/or economic conditions;   For students with disabilities in
          educational  needs  expressed  by   • partial or total exemption from the   Modena
          students.                          payment of fees based on the level
                                             of disability;                        For students with disabilities in Reggio
          Through the Disabled Students’     • specif cally regulated benef ts for   Emilia
          Reception Service, the University   students with disabilities;
          offers the following services to stu-  • customised actions.             For students with SLD in Modena
          • individual guidance interviews   Tutoring for students with dis-
          during the transition from high    abilities and SLD                     For students with SLD in Reggio
          school to university and in itinere;                                     Emilia
          • incoming guidance interviews to   This service also organises a spe-
          identify the most suitable academic   cif c programme aimed at students   To request and collect aids
          path;                              to train them as tutors, an individual
          • assistance in dealing with paper-  support f gure
          work (f lling in the online application   helping students with disabilities   Rector’s delegate for disability
          form and enrolment) and in relations   and/or  SLD  attend  university  and   and SLD
          with professors and peer/teaching   pass their exams.                    Professor Elisabetta Genovese
          tutors;                            For example, tutoring may consist     tel. 059 4224130
          • tutoring by tutors or peers;     of:                         
          • digitisation of texts;           • classroom support, note-taking
          • provision of aids to promote stu-  and mediation with professors and   Rector’s delegate for disability
          dent autonomy and independence;    fellow students;                      and SLD
          • possibility of experimenting with   • help with daily tasks and support   Giacomo Guaraldi
          technical, teaching and comput-    in all the different situations of uni-  tel. 059 2058311 - 0522 523506 e-mail
          er aids with the help of specialised   versity life;           
          staff;                             •  assisting with  individual  study  to
          • individual interviews to enhance   help students pass their exams;
          study methodology;                 • supporting students with disabili-
          • outgoing assistance to promote   ties when moving between universi-
          the employment of disabled stu-    ty facilities.
          dents who have graduated;
          • interpreting Italian sign language
          (LIS) for the hearing impaired;
          • subtitling of university lectures for
          hearing impaired students;
          • removal of architectural barriers;
          • reception desk for information, ad-
          vice, and brochures;
          • support for international exchang-

          Students with disabilities can also
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