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          Costs and allowances

          University fees                    CAF,  accountant,  municipality  or   university fees for the f rst year of
                                             INPS. It takes a minimum of f fteen   the degree programme. If the grade
          Enrolling at university entails the an-  days to obtain this certif cate, so it   obtained in the 2021-2022 high
          nual payment of a fee, which varies   is advisable to act in good time. The   school diploma exam is 100/100,
          based on the  different degree and   online application can be submitted   you are eligible for exemption as
          master's degree programmes. The    even if you are not yet enrolled in the   follows: partial (payment of only
          amount includes all-inclusive fee,   university.                      the f rst instalment) for residents in
          regional tax for the right to universi-  #Scholarships and fee exemp-  Emilia-Romagna, and total exemp-
          ty study, stamp duty, insurance. The   tions                          tion for residents outside Emilia-Ro-
          annual costs are calculated based   ER.GO disburse annual scholar-    magna. This also applies to those
          on the student's ISEE (equivalent   ships based on a call for applica-  who enrol in a Master's degree pro-
          f nancial situation index): for three-  tions. The application must be sub-  gramme and obtain a grade of not
          year degrees, from a minimum of    mitted every year. The scholarship   less than 110/110 in the f nal exam
          €160 to a maximum of €1950; for    amounts vary based on f nancial    of the Bachelor’s degree. This ex-
          single-cycle master's degrees, from   situation, "on-site”/"off-site”/"com-  emption may also be requested by
          a minimum of €160 to a maximum     muting” student status The applica-  applying online and submitting the
          of €2100; for two-year master's de-  tion can only be completed online   request even if you are not yet en-
          grees, from a minimum of €160 to a   or at CAFs aff liated with ER.GO and   rolled in the university.
          maximum of €2600. Exceptions are   can be submitted even if you are not   #Study awards
          the degree programmes of: Digi-    yet enrolled in the university. Eligible
          tal Marketing, Dental Hygiene and   students for the scholarship will also   Students passing all their examina-
          Dentistry have different cost calcu-  enjoy total exemption and "off-cam-  tions in the academic year with mer-
          lations. The payment of the amount   pus" students can also apply for ac-  it (high average/votes) may apply for
          is divided into four instalments and   commodation. Besides the f nancial   the study award:
          late payment leads to a surcharge   requirements, from the second year   bandi/StuLau-PremiStudio.html
          and the blocking of exams. Based   of enrolment the required number
          on their ISEE and ISPE indicators,   of training credits (CFUs) must be
          students may obtain exemption      obtained to benef t from the schol-
          from or a reduction in their universi-  arship.
          ty contribution.                   #Paid student collaborations
          #Benef ts                          Every year, Unimore puts up for
          Every year, in July, the Call for Ben-  competition many paid collabora-
          ef ts is published both on the Uni-  tions. Applications can be submit-
          more website and on the website of   ted online and are open to students   ER.GO Regional Agency
          ER.GO, the Regional Agency for the   enrolled in the second year or later,   For the Right to Higher Education
          Right to Higher Studies of Emilia Ro-  with merit (CFUs) and f nancial re-  Call for applications, online applica-
          magna. You must participate in the   quirements. The collaboration has a   tion, aff liated CAFs
          call for applications, by f lling in the   duration of 75-200 hours and is car-  TALK TO ERGO – 051 19907580
          online application for the exemption   ried out in university off ces, librar-  Unimore - Student benef t
          or reduction of annual university   ies, centres, and museums. Third-    off ce
          costs, and to request accommo-     year students may apply, by means
          dation, study grants, catering, al-  of a specif c call for applications, to   tudio.html
          lowances  for  international  mobility,   become Classroom Tutors or Wel-  html
          student collaborations, Top Student   come and Tutorial Desks, carrying   Exemptions, fee reductions, top
          exemption. To apply for these ben-  out paid collaboration in support of   students
          ef ts, you need to submit the ISEE   teaching activities and services.
          2022 certif cate for subsidised ser-  #Top Student                       Student collaborations
          vices for the right to university study,   Unimore exempts particularly de-  it
          which can be obtained from any     serving  students  from  paying  the
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