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                                                                                                                     Ph. by Bianca Jelezneac


          Enrolment in degree programmes
          is made on the Esse3 portal (www.  denti/guideesse3.html                REGISTRAR’S OFFICES
, dedicated to ad-
          ministrative  procedures.  Before  Enrolment instructions               The Registrar’s Off ces work both
          starting the online procedure you                                       in face-to-face and remote mode,
          must obtain, in digital format:    For the academic year 2022-2023,     receptions, but you need to book an
                                                                                  appointment online at https://www.
          • a close-up colour photograph of   enrolment in the bachelor's degree
          your face with a neutral background   programmes and unlimited access   ning/
          (132x151 pixels);                  single-cycle master's degree pro-    Locations and off ce hours are
          • front and back of a valid identity   grammes can be made from 11      available on
          document;                          July to 2 November 2022. After the
          • residence permit (if non-EU stu-  deadline, it will be possible to enrol   InformaStudenti
          dent);                             until 21 December 2022 with a sur-
          • any other documentation (e.g., re-  charge.                           Locations and off ce hours are avail-
          quest for recognition of teaching ac-  The two-year master's degree pro-  able on
          tivities, part-time application, etc.)  grammes with no limited access are
          Connect to Esse3 and proceed to    open to enrolment from 11 July to    ti/segreteriestudenti.html
          "Registration"  to  obtain  your  per-  21 December 2022, subject to an   Summer closure of student off ces:
          sonal credentials or log in with your   assessment of the academic back-  16-19 August 2022
          SPID personal credentials. Select   ground.
          "Enrolment" and then print the "En-  The procedures and deadlines for
          rolment reminder". Under "Fees”,   enrolling in limited-access degree
          proceed to pay the f rst instalment   programmes are specif ed in the
          of the university fee.             calls for applications and the indica-
          For further information on universi-  tions given are mandatory.
          ty fees and payment methods, see   It is important to know that for
          the dedicated page https://www.    three-year degree programmes and
   single-cycle master's degree pro-
          Once payment has been received,    grammes - both with no-limited and
          enrolment is "conditional" and will   limited access - you must f ll in the
          only become effective once the rel-  "questionnaire of enrolment" after
          evant off ces have carried out their   payment of the f rst instalment.
          Applicants with a foreign study    Information on calls for applications:
          qualif cation will have to enrol at the
          Registrar’s Off ces.     
          All incoming students receive a Stu-
          dent Card to access university facil-
          ities  and  services,  and  a  personal
          e-mail address is activated for insti-
          tutional communications.

          Information on procedure:

          Guides to online procedures:
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