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          The choice of a university pro-    tion  on sports,  cultural  and  leisure
          gramme often follows a period of   activities, and on entry guidance,
          ref ection and evaluation, not only   tutoring, work guidance and place-
          of the specif c features of the study   ment initiatives. An individual coun-
          programmes and the universities    selling service is also available, run
          where they are offered, but also of   by the specif c professional f gure of
          the skills and aptitudes that distin-  the guidance psychologist, to help
          guish us and that we would like to   people make their choice or assist
          make the most of through study.    them when they need to reconsid-
          Finding out beforehand about the   er  their  decision  (re-orientation)  or
          range of programmes and services   overcome obstacles to continuing
          on offer at universities is therefore   their studies (tutoring).
          essential to making the right choice.
          Guidance services provide the in-  Activities and initiatives
          formation needed to build a person-  As early as the second-last year of
          al study plan and then, if necessary,   high school, students can directly
          support tailored to specif c needs.  experience the activities that take   STUDY GUIDANCE AND TUTOR-
                                             place in the university environment   ING OFFICE
          Services                           by participating in a training intern-
          InformaStudenti is useful to f nd out   ship.                 
          more about the training offer, stu-  The initiatives to present pro-
          dent  services, enrolment methods   grammes and services to students
          and procedures, and paperwork      are an opportunity for guidance in-
          (fees, economic benef ts, etc.). In-  formation aimed at making students   InformaStudenti
          formaStudenti also offers informa-  in the second-last and f nal year of
          tion on services for the reception   high school ref ect on their areas of
          and integration of students with dis-  interest and personal motivations.  Tutoring
          abilities and SLD and on services                             
          for international students, informa-

                                                                                                Ph. by Englantina Sulkja
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