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                                                                                                                      Ph. by Luca Inghilterra

          Study support

          Tutoring                           International Welcome Desk
                                                                                  INTERNATIONAL WELCOME
          Tutoring is designed to guide and   Welcoming international students    DESK
          assist students throughout their   is a specif c commitment for Uni-
          studies, so that each student can   more. For this reason, international
          participate in his or her own educa-  students have access to the Inter-  On-line Platform:
          tional process and be able to attend   national Welcome Desk, a service   universita-di-modena
          lectures successfully, with initiatives   providing initial reception and offers
          tailored  to  individual  needs,  apti-  advice and assistance in the proce-
          tudes, and requirements.           dures for applying for and renewing
          In case of diff culties when studying   residence permits, obtaining a tax
          for a particularly diff cult exam or in   code, registering with the National
          relating the contents of the various   Health Service (Sistema Sanitario
          disciplines, students may turn to the   Nazionale - SSN), taking out health
          tutor professors who have the task   insurance policies, opening cur-
          of helping them throughout their   rent accounts, as well as housing
          studies, with methodological and   advice. The International Welcome
          didactic support.                  Desk  also  provides  information  on
          An important role in tutoring is   the organisation of the University
          played by teaching coordinators    and on the cities of Modena and
          and student tutors, i.e., senior stu-  Reggio Emilia.
          dents identif ed from among those
          enrolled in subsequent years.      Part-time Students

          Students can access an online      If it is not possible to study full-time
          programme on the Study Method      for work or personal reasons, some
          (STUDIAREFFICACE), which offers    programmes offer students the op-
          suggestions and ideas for a better   portunity to enrol in part-time mode.
          understanding of the university sys-  In this way, students can choose to
          tem and, above all, for learning or-  spread  the  attendance  of  training
          ganisational strategies useful for ef-  activities and relevant examinations
          fective study for exams. It is a short   scheduled in one year over two ac-
          programme  made  up  of  video  les-  ademic years; the student is bound
          sons to watch at home, some mate-  to enrol in the same academic year
          rials for practical exercises, and an   for two years.
          assessment test to help you under-  Part-time students may obtain a
          stand what you have learned.       number of university credits (CFUs)
                                             ranging from a minimum of 25 to a
          If you encounter diff culties in con-  maximum of 35.
          tinuing your studies and want to re-  Students enrolled on a part-time ba-
          consider your choice, you can con-  sis pay a reduced annual university
          tact the guidance psychologist for   fee.
          an individual interview.
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