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PhD program in Industrial innovation engineering

XXXVII cycle - 2021/2022

Duration 3 years
Position 13 position available - 9 scholarships
Director/Coordinator Prof. Franco Zambonelli
PhD website » www.iii.unimore.it
Note 1ST CALL:
- one selection procedure for 8 positions with scholarship, 2 positions reserved to employees of the Companies specified by the Call (industrial doctorate) and 1 position reserved to candidates with scholarship of foreign States;
- one selection procedure for 1 position with a three-year research grant funded on an international project Horizon 2020.

2ST CALL: selection procedure for 1 position with scholarship on specific topic.
Admission Expiration date 07/09/2021 at 13:00
Call for admission

Scientific areas

ING-IND/08 (Fluid Machines), ING-IND/09 (Energy and Environmental Systems), ING-IND/10 (Technical Physics); ING-IND/13 (Applied Mechanics for Machinery), ING-IND/14 (Mechanical Design and Machine Building), ING-IND/15 (Design and Methods for Industrial Engineering) ING-IND/16 (Production Technologies and Systems), ING-IND/17 (Industrial and Mechanical Plant), ING-IND/22 (Science and Technology of Materials), ING-IND/32 (Electrical Convertors, Machines and Switches), ING-IND/35 (Engineering and Management), ING-INF/01 (Electronics), ING-INF/04 (Automatics), ING-INF/05 (Data Processing Systems), ICAR/08 (Construction Science), MAT/05 (Mathematical Analysis), MAT/09 (Operational Research), CHIM/07 (Foundations of Chemistry for Technologies)

Admission requirements

Italian second level degree (laurea specialistica, under D.M. 509/99 or laurea magistrale, under D.M. 207/04) or Italian degree obtained prior to D.M. 509/99 or equivalent qualification obtained abroad.
More information available in the Call.


The Course is organized in two curricula: Management; Mechatronics and Energy.
The course aims to train qualified researchers in the areas of Industrial and Information Engineering, with cross and integrated skills, which is found to possess excellent employment prospects in the research and development area of both manufacturing and services enterprises.
In the curriculum "Management", the educational objectives are the development of knowledge and learning inherent in the organization of production and logistics systems, the optimal sizing of production systems, the analysis of advanced models of optimization, the study of organizational systems for enterprise networks, the management of projects, the development and application of ICT systems.
In the curriculum in "Mechatronics and Energy" the training activities are oriented to the acquisition and integration of multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise on the issues of mechatronics engineering and energy. This includes in-depth knowledge of the methods for the design of mechatronic devices and systems and their control, innovative systems for the production and transmission of energy, the transformation of energy from primary sources in forms appropriate to the end use and the transmission from the places of transformation to the end users.
Both curricula are strongly related to the subjects of the Industry 4.0 initiative.
The Teaching Committee may propose to one or more students enrolled, evaluated as suitable, a program of study and research in collaboration with the Federal University of Viçosa (Brasil) that will result in the achievement also of the title of Brasilian PhD in "Doctor in Computer Science”.


Three years (01/11/2021 - 31/10/2024)


The course venue is at Reggio Emilia.


» Call for admission and changes

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» Final ranking

Based on a rigorous selection process, applications are processed once a year. The admissions will be open in June 9, 2021 (refer to the Call).

More documentation

Guide for admission application to Ph.D. programmes

Please complete the application form and submit it electronically following the application guide. A non-returnable administrative fee of 25 euro will be charged. The decision on admission as well as on financial support is published on the web.

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e-mail: segr.dottorati@unimore.it
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