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PhD programme in - Molecular and regenerative medicine

XXXVII cycle - a. y. 2021/2022

Duration 3 years
Position 6 position available - 5 scholarships
Director/Coordinator Prof. Michele De Luca
PhD website » www.mrm.unimore.it/site/home.html
Note 1ST CALL: expired

2ND CALL: expired

3RD CALL: one selection procedure for 1 position with scholarship on specific topic
Admission Expiration date 28/10/2021 at 13:00
Call for admission
Final ranking Published 11/11/2021
Enrollment deadline 16/11/2021 at 13:00:00

Scientific areas

BIO/10 (Biochemistry), BIO/11 (Molecular Biology), BIO/13 (Applied Biology), BIO/16 (Human Anatomy), BIO/17 (Histology), BIO/18 (Genetics), MED/04 (General Pathology), MED/08 (Pathological Anatomy), MED/09 (Internal Medicine), MED/11 (Cardiovascular Diseases), MED/15 (Blood Diseases), CHIM/02 (Physical Chemistry), ING-IND/34 (Industrial Bioengineering)

Admission requirements

Italian second level degree (“laurea magistrale”, under D.M. 207/04) in the following discipline: LM-6 Biology, LM-8 Industrial biotechnology, LM-9 Medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical biotechnology, LM-13 Pharmacy and industrial pharmacy, LM-21 Biomedical engineering, LM-41 Medicine and surgery or equivalent;
Italian second level degree (“laurea specialistica”, under D.M. 509/99) in one of the following disciplines: 6/S Biology, 8/S Industrial biotechnology, 9/S Medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical biotechnology, 14/S Pharmacy and industrial pharmacy, 26/S Biomedical engineering, 46/S Medicine and surgery;
Italian degree in Biological Sciences, in Agro-industrial Biotechnology, in Biotechnology (curriculum Industrial Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical Biotechnology or Medical Biotechnology or Veterinary Biotechnology), in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies or Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, in Pharmacy, in Biomedical engineering, in Medical engineering, in Medicine and Surgery obtained prior to D.M. 509/99); or equivalent qualification obtained abroad, in accordance with the provisions in art. 2 of the Call.
More information available in the Call.


The PhD Program in Molecular and Regenerative Medicine offers doctoral students the opportunity to develop a research project, over a three-year period, to answer important scientific questions in innovative fields of Biomedicine. An interdisciplinary and international environment, with cycles of lectures and seminars held in English, allows PhD students to exploit and combine different scientific approaches, with the aim of developing new diagnostic and prognostic tools or therapeutic approaches based on an advanced understanding of molecular mechanisms and cellular underlying human diseases.
The PhD Program includes two scientific curricula: Molecular and Regenerative Medicine and Nanotechnologies and Modeling for Industrial Biomedical Applications.
The topics of study offered to PhD students are: cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue engineering, innovative therapies in molecular medicine, cellular and animal models of pathology, mechanisms of regulation of gene expression, pathophysiology and molecular diagnostics, pathological morphology and histo-cytopathological diagnostics, applied bioinformatics, experimental hematology and oncology, biosensors, materials for implantable organic bioelectronics, nanotechnologies, molecular modeling, neuroelectronic interfaces, resolution of protein structures of medical interest.

The preparation acquired with this training course, also through the possibility of benefiting from High Apprenticeships grants, represents the preferential way to undertake research and development activities not only in the University or in Public and Private Research Institutions, but also in Industries in the area of health, pharmaceutical and biomedical products.
Finally, the possibility to work in laboratories actively included into international networks, facilitates the possibility of carrying out periods for further studies (post-doc training) in prestigious foreign laboratories.


Three years (01/11/2021 - 31/10/2024)
(For PON scholarships 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2024)


The course venue is at Modena.


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Based on a rigorous selection process, applications are processed once a year. The admissions will be open in June or July 2023 (please refer to the Call).

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Please complete the application form and submit it electronically following the application guide. A non-returnable administrative fee of 25 euro will be charged. The decision on admission as well as on financial support is published on the web.

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