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Argomento: PHD Doctoral research programmes

32) How do I get my PhD degree?

Risposta: At the end of the last year of the PhD programme, the teaching board must express an opinion on the overall activity of each PhD student and decide on admission to the final examination.
The PhD qualification is awarded on passing the final examination (an interview with the student on the subject of his/her thesis; the thesis must be on original research, carried out with methodological certainty and from which results of adequate scientific relevance emerge).
In the event of a negative assessment, the final examination may not be repeated.
The PhD thesis, accompanied by a summary in Italian and English, is written in Italian or English or in another language, subject to authorisation by the teaching board. The thesis, with attached a report by the PhD student on the activities carried out during the PhD and on any publications, is assessed by at least two highly qualified professors, who may also belong to foreign institutions, external to the subjects that contributed to the award of the PhD qualification, known as "assessors". The assessors express a written analytical judgement on the thesis and propose its admission for public discussion or its postponement for a period of six months if they consider significant additions or corrections necessary. At the end of this period, the thesis is in any case admitted for public discussion, accompanied by a new written opinion from the same assessors, made in the light of any corrections or additions made.

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