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31) What happens in case of pregnancy?

Risposta: In case of maternity, suspension is compulsory for the period of compulsory maternity (2 months before the birth and 3 months after the birth, or 1 month before the birth and 4 months after the birth) and any early retirement. The period of suspension may be made up, if deemed necessary by the Board of Teachers, at the end of the three-year programme. If you are a scholarship holder:
- payment of the grant is suspended during the period of suspension of the programme and resumes when activities resume. Payment of the grant for the period of suspension is only made if a recovery period has been envisaged at the end of the three years of the programme and only for the period envisaged (always in deferred monthly instalments);
- payment of the grant is not suspended when there are reasons relating to the strict expiry of the funds on which the grant is paid. In this case, the grant will not be paid out beyond the duration of the PhD programme and, in the event of failure to recover the period of suspension, the person concerned will have to repay the amount received during the period of suspension not recovered.

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