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26) Is it essential to apply for a certification?

Risposta: According to Article 15 of Law 183/2011, as of 1 January 2012, public administrations and public service providers may no longer request or accept from private people any certificates issued by other public offices. In these cases, citizens must self-certify possession of the requirements. Public Administrations and Public Service Providers are obliged to accept self-certifications, under penalty of breach of duty.
The possibility of self-certification has also been extended to relations between private entities, with Law 120/2020 which amended the DPR of 28 December 2000, No. 445, in particular Article 2 and Article 71.
A facsimile of the self-certification of enrolment for those who are enrolled and of completion of their PhD for those who have obtained their degree can be printed online. To do this, the following steps are necessary:
- Connect to the Registrar’s Office online counter: (http://www.esse3.unimore.it/)
- Log in with username and password received during enrolment or with SPID credentials
- Once logged in, select “certificates” from the left side menu
- Choose the type of form available; forms currently available are:
• Self-certification of enrolment
• Self-certification of enrolment with fees per calendar year
• Self-certification of degree awarded
• Self-certification of degree awarded with academic years for redemption of the years of study
• Enrolment certificate with fees per calendar year
If you need to self-certify additional information, you can use a generic self-certification form at the following links:
https://www.unimore.it/esamidistato/doc/autocertificazione_dottorati.pdf or https://www.unimore.it/esamidistato/doc/autocertificazione_dottorati.doc

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