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Argomento: PHD Doctoral research programmes

21) How do I pay my PhD fees?

Risposta: The single instalment for the first year is paid at the time of enrolment.
For the second and third years, the payment must be made by the deadline established each year (presumably in September). The amount and deadline will be published each year in the news section of the website http://www.unimore.it/didattica/dottorati.html (approximately at the end of July).
Payment must be made using the following method only:
Access Esse3, by connecting to the University website at https://www.esse3.unimore.it/Home.do with your credentials, and under the menu item "Taxes" proceed with the payment through the PAGO PA circuit that allows to pay online (by choosing your Payment Service Provider – PSP) or alternatively to print the payment notice to be delivered personally to Banks and ATMS, SISAL, Lottomatica and ITB stores. From your personal Esse3 page, under the menu item “Taxes”, you can print the payment receipt. With the PagoPa circuit, the payment acquisition times in Esse3 are normally comparable to those of the credit card.
If you have any problems, please contact the PhD Office within the deadlines set for payments. A surcharge will be applied to late payments:
- €30.00 on late payments, if payment of the overdue instalment is made within 15 days of the due date;
- €70.00 on late payments, if payment of the overdue instalment is made from the 16th day after the due date.
A payment made on the due date, if credited to the university after the due date, results in a late payment surcharge.

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