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Argomento: PHD Doctoral research programmes

17) Is there any provision for increasing the grant?

Risposta: Yes, for any periods of residence abroad, to the extent of 50% and up to a maximum of 12 continuous or fractionated months, except as provided for in specific conventions or agreements for the internationalisation of PhD programmes. This period may be extended up to a maximum of 18 months for doctoral students in co-doctoral or dual degree programmes with foreign subjects.
If you intend to travel abroad and take advantage of the increased scholarship, you must submit to the PhD Office (at least 15 days before departure), the documentation indicated on our website: http://www.unimore.it/didattica/dottorati.html.
On return, students must provide the PhD Office with a certificate or statement from the foreign institution where the research was carried out, indicating the period of the actual stay abroad.

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