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Argomento: PHD Doctoral research programmes

16) Is there any form of incompatibility with the use of the scholarship?

Risposta: Doctoral grants may not be combined with other scholarships or forms of grants from the university budget and/or the State, except for those provided to supplement, with stays abroad, the training and research activities of the PhD student.
PhD scholarships may not be combined with any other form of funding offered, or with scholarships granted by foreign countries or based on specific mobility programmes.
PhD scholarships may not be combined with research grants or advanced training and research apprenticeship contracts or remuneration received from the company in case of "PhD in collaboration with enterprises".
PhD scholarships are not compatible with the salary received as a permanent public employee (see the previous point “I am a public employee: can I enrol in a PhD programme?).
PhD scholarships may not be accepted by anyone who has already benefited, even partially, from another scholarship in a previous PhD programme.

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