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Argomento: PHD Doctoral research programmes

14) I am a public employee: can I enrol in the PhD?

Risposta: In accordance with the law, public employees who have been admitted to PhD programmes are placed on special leave for study purposes without pay for the duration of the programme and are granted the scholarship if the conditions are met. In the event of admission to a PhD without a scholarship, or if the scholarship is renounced, the person on leave of absence retains the economic, social security and pension benefits enjoyed by the public administration with which the employment relationship was established. If, after obtaining a PhD, the employment relationship with the public administration is terminated at the employee’s request within the following two years, the sums paid under the second period shall be recovered. A public employee who has already obtained the PhD qualification or has been enrolled in a PhD programme for at least one year, benefiting from the leave, is not entitled to extraordinary leave with or without allowance. The period of special leave is valid for the purposes of career progression, pension and social security. For further information, please refer to the Public Administration to which you belong.

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