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Argomento: PHD Doctoral research programmes

13) Is enrolment in the PhD compatible with other work activities carried out simultaneously?

Risposta: The PhD involves an exclusive, full-time commitment. However, for PhD students from cycle 38 compatible work activities are permitted, subject to authorisation by the Teaching Board, which permit the acquisition of skills in the field of the PhD programme, after assessing the compatibility of the same activities with the training, teachind and research activities of the PhD programme.
For PhD students up to cycle 37, for those receiving a scholarship the activities must be limited to those in any case related to the acquisition of skills in the field of the PhD programme; for PhD students without a scholarship, any incompatibility arising from the work activity must be assessed in concrete terms, without this leading to behaviour that is detrimental to constitutionally protected rights, such as the right to study for capable and deserving students, even if without means. The use of research grants by PhD students with no scholarship is permitted as long as the subject to which the grant refers is compatible, in the opinion of the Teaching Board, with the themes of the PhD programme.

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