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Argomento: PHD Doctoral research programmes

12) Is enrolment in the PhD programme compatible with other study activities carried out simultaneously?

Risposta: Enrolment in a PhD programme is incompatible with simultaneous enrolment in another PhD, PhD School, Degree and Diploma Programmes, non-medical Specialisation Schools, Active Training Internships (TFA), and 1st and 2nd Level Masters at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia or at other Universities.
Joint attendance to the PhD and the last year of a medical specialisation programme is permitted, subject to the following general criteria:
- the joint attendance to the last year of specialisation and PhD programmes can take place only if the place of attendance of the specialisation course coincides with the place of attendance of the PhD;
- postgraduate students enrolled in the last year may apply for enrolment in the aforementioned PhD, pursuant to art. 7, enclosing the authorisation issued by the Ordinary Committee of the School of Specialisation based on its compatibility with the activities and commitments envisaged by the School itself;
- Admission to the second year will be decided by the Teaching Board of the PhD following an evaluation of the research activities carried out during the period of joint attendance and certified by the Board of the Specialisation School;
- until the end of the period of joint attendance, students may not receive the PhD scholarship.

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