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Natural Sciences

General information for the a.a. 2014/2015

Disciplinary area Science
Degree class MIUR L-32 Classe delle lauree in scienze e tecnologie per l'ambiente e la natura
Department Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences
Duration 3 years - 180 ECTS Credits
Teaching method Lectures
Admission Accesso Libero Free
Course location largo Sant'Eufemia, 19 Modena
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The degree program in Natural Sciences aims at providing students with an accurate knowledge of Natural and Environmental Sciences. Subjects range from living being, both from the past and current ones, to earth science. In order to protect and enhance nature and the environment it is necessary to build a complete understanding of both animals and plants that live in the different habitats of the earth, especially in our region and our country, and to develop a knowledge of both natural events (floods, landslides and earthquakes) and of those related to human activities (pollution) which are menacing the environment. Furthermore, promoting nature and the environment, through cultural and educational activities (seminars, museum exhibitions, natural parks, theme parks) and through the support to sustainable economic activities. The increased attention paid to these aspects will offer good job opportunities to the experts in this field.

Course content

The degree program offers a stimulating studying environment and is aimed at training highly skilled graduates able to work in such a complicated field where several variables have to be taken into account. It allows students to go on their careers as: landscape architects, biologists, botanists, zoologists and related fields, museum curators, environmental quantitative sciences technicians, environmental control technicians, agronomy and forestry technicians and nature guides.

Career options

Regional demand for graduates in Natural Sciences has always been fulfilled by the university in order to maintain a relevant cultural and scientific tradition in the sector of cultural, scientific and professional activity in the University and the region. There has always been a considerable demand for education in this field, mainly originating from schools, public administration and the world of popular science and more recently from occupations which are increasingly involved with environmental issues.

Contact persons

Course Director
prof.ssa Annalisa Ferretti
tel. 059 205 5868 - fax 059 2055887
Guidance Contact
prof. Antonio Todaro, prof. Ivano Ansaloni
tel. 059 205 5558/5557 & - fax fax. 059 2055548