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Master in Food innovation

Master Annuale - a.a. 2016/2017

livello Master Universitario di II Livello
n. posti 60
durata del corso master annuale
ore totali 1500 ore di lezione/tirocinio
crediti universitari 60 CFU
Costo iscrizione 10000  euro
Bando di ammissione
Consulta il bando di ammissione
presentazione domanda entro 21/10/2016 alle ore: 13:00
Direttore Matteo Vignoli
Sito web del master http://www.foodinnovationprogram.org
  • Dipartimento di Scienze e Metodi dell'Ingegneria


Continuing in the tradition of creative learning and design thinking methodologies, the Program offers aspiring food innovators and entrepreneurs an invaluable experience that will allow them to reach their professional goals and enhance personal growth through the exploration and identification of critical technologies for shaping agriculture, food distribution, retail and consumption as well as the dissemination and development of radical innovations in the food industry, keeping in line with the IFTF Seeds of Disruption Forecast Map and the 2015 research on Ingredients for food innovation. The Program is structured in three distinct phases. The first phase is the INSPIRATION Track in Reggio Emilia, Italy (September - December 2016), which offers an intense and comprehensive academic experience with a high-caliber international faculty. The next phase is the ASPIRATION Track (January - February 2017, in various locations throughout the globe) will expand students’ entrepreneurial horizons and engage them in the process of cross-pollination of ideas, cultures and culinary traditions. Finally, the PERSPIRATION track (March - mid-July 2017) will provide laboratory training and prototyping in the one-of-a-kind Officucina kitchen maker-space equipped with culinary tools and state of the art technology for students to bring their ideas to life and create prototypes of innovative products or services based on challenges launched by our Corporate partner companies.

Requisiti per l'accesso

Admission to the Master's Programme is open to: 1) candidates with a degree obtained abroad, whether EU ; 2) candidates with a degree obtained in Italy, whether EU ; The programme is reserved for candidates who, at the time of closure of applications, are in possession of the following qualifications and access requirements: - Any second level degree (Lauree Magistrali) obtained in Italy D.M. 270/04 as of October 24th, 2004 - Any second level degree (Lauree Specialistiche) obtained in Italy D.M. 509/1999 as of November 3rd, 1999: - All degree obtained in Italy under the previous system (Lauree vecchio ordinamento) D.M. 509 as of November 3rd, 1999 - A degree obtained in Italy or abroad deemed appropriate by the Admissions Board, solely for the purposes of admission to the Master's Programme

Sede delle lezioni

FOOD INNOVATION CENTER – MUSEI REGGIO EMILIA via Spallanzani, 1 42122 - Reggio Emilia

Periodo di svolgimento

September 2016 – September 2017

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